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“Take advantage of opportunities give to you.” – Discussion with Paul Natkin

Photo by Paul Natkin

Photo by Paul Natkin

“I wrote a little two line note to Keith Richard’s manager . . . ”

That is the way that Paul Natkin describes eventually becoming the tour photographer for the Rolling Stones.

There is an exhibit of some of Paul’s work up at the Old Town School of Folk Music this spring, and Mr. Natkin graciously sat down with the Young Stracke All-Stars to discuss getting into photography, his love of music and a life spent taking photos of his music heros.

A few take-away thoughts from the discussion are:

  • “Take advantage of any opportunity given to you.”
  • Create your own opportunities by reaching out to people.  “Out of a hundred asks, I get 90 rejections.  But those 10 times people say yes, those are really great.”
  • “Keep your promises.”
  • Choose a career doing what you love.

Thank you so much, Mr. Natkin!  You left us feeling very inspired!

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