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Thinking About the Album, Feeling Grateful

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 8.53.56 PMHi everyone! It’s Zelda, and this is my first post on the blog,I hope you like it!

Anyway, I listened to the album at home for the first time tonight. We listened to it as a group and after we recorded each song, but this was the first time I had a chance to think about each song and the memories that came with it. For example, The Happy Farmer (my favorite song on the album!) reminds me of marching around our practice room, led by Quin and her fiddle.

Listening to each different song makes me feel grateful, too. Kopotus Polka makes me feel grateful for our wonderful guest fiddlers like Maria, Olivia, and Keelee. It Was a Dream makes me feel grateful for role models like Mark Dvorak. Listening to the album at all makes me feel grateful for John Abbey and Kingsize Studios!

When my CD player came to the last song on the album, Simple Gifts, I immediately felt so lucky to be a part of this community. Every single person who has graced the halls of any of the three OTSFM buildings is an inspiration, role model, and incredibly talented musician.

I have never been part of such a kind, funny, talented, and loving community than this. I’ve met my best friends through Strackes, and one of my most inspiring teachers, Jason.

So, in closing, I’m very glad that I listened to to the album tonight. It makes me glad that I’m friends with Xochil, Simon, Quin, Nicole, Kelsi, Kendra, Uma, Nathaniel, Nolan and Jason. On stage we try to stay focused, but behind the scenes we’re all selfies, giggles, and inside jokes. Most of all, though, I feel lucky to be able to play music and learn from all of you. Thank you for supporting us along the way. We love you.


“‘Tis a gift to be loving, ’tis the best gift of all, like a warm spring rain brings beauty when it falls. When we use this gift, we may come to believe, it is better to give than it is to receive”

Simple Gifts


-Zelda <3 :)