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Pete Seeger’s Birthday

Today I went to a Correintes concert (which was really good) and they played “This Land Is Your Land” in Spanish and English. That got me thinking about Pete Seeger since it was a song he contributed a bunch to, and I realized (thanks to my dad) it was his birthday today!  At most of the “Young Stracke All-Stars” gigs we play a version of “Old Joe Clark” by Pete called “Clap Your Hands” (which is our album coming out June 7th).

2014-01-28-PeteSeegerPete Seeger was a marvelous musician, a stupendous songwriter, a superb singer, an ecstatic environmentalist, and much more. He was born in Patterson, New York. Pete Seeger became one of the “Almanac Singers” and met Woody Guthrie (the person who wrote “This Land Is Your Land”), another great musician. He invented the long-neck banjo. He has made many contributions to folk music. Pete Seeger has highly influenced folk music, and I hope everyone can can celebrate him and his birthday today!


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