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Aloha Center Fun!

Recently, the Stracke’s had the chance to go to an ukulele workshop with the famous Lanialoha. We had the chance to work out our uke muscles, and learn techniques on improvising, meaning we all had a chance to solo! We learned the song, “Drop Baby Drop,” a Jawaiian song; Jamaican and Hawaiian mixed. The Aloha Center was such a cool, and creative space!

Check out the Aloha Center and join the Uke Nation!
Mahalo Lani for the amazing experience!



What’s New In Our Repertoire?

Last Sunday at Stracke band practice, we worked on a new song we are hoping to add to the Stracke repertoire of songs! Well, who remembers Ramiro who played the seashells, drums, and other unique collection of instruments? Yep, we are hoping to play one of his songs at our upcoming gig, the Album Release Party. (Yay!) The song is called, “Four Houses.” Another song that the Stracke’s are prepping to play soon is called, “Ambilkan Bulan Bu,” brought to the band by Simon and his mom! Anyway, the band is really looking forward to playing these songs! We hope you can come to our next gig to hear the sounds of our album and more!!!