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Jason McInnes

Join the Young Stracke All-Stars Recording Session!

Let us Greet notecard

In celebration of the band’s 10th Anniversary we’re recording the song Keep on the Sunny Side. We’re inviting all of our musical friends to join us on the recording.

Keep on the Sunny Side Recording Session
Sunday, February 25
Szold Hall at OTS, 4545 N. Lincoln Ave.
  • If you learn to play it, bring your instrument! If can’t quite play it yet, we hope that you’ll bring your instrument anyway and add your voice to the recording.  Links to the lyrics, chords and standard notation are included.  
  • Singers are very welcome and encouraged! We want everyone we know on the recording!
  • Visit for a video of us performing the song at The Grove Festival in October of 2018.


Keep on the Sunny Side lyrics and chords

Keep on the Sunny Side – notation

Listen to the first verse and chorus

Listen to the melody of the chorus

Don’t hesitate to write to Jason, the director of the group, if you have any questions.  You can reach him at

“It will help us every day.  It will brighten all our ways, if we keep on the sunny side of life.”

“Take advantage of opportunities give to you.” – Discussion with Paul Natkin

Photo by Paul Natkin

Photo by Paul Natkin

“I wrote a little two line note to Keith Richard’s manager . . . ”

That is the way that Paul Natkin describes eventually becoming the tour photographer for the Rolling Stones.

There is an exhibit of some of Paul’s work up at the Old Town School of Folk Music this spring, and Mr. Natkin graciously sat down with the Young Stracke All-Stars to discuss getting into photography, his love of music and a life spent taking photos of his music heros.

A few take-away thoughts from the discussion are:

  • “Take advantage of any opportunity given to you.”
  • Create your own opportunities by reaching out to people.  “Out of a hundred asks, I get 90 rejections.  But those 10 times people say yes, those are really great.”
  • “Keep your promises.”
  • Choose a career doing what you love.

Thank you so much, Mr. Natkin!  You left us feeling very inspired!

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A Note of Thanks and a Free Recording

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already been a year since the band and so many friends and family gathered in Szold Hall of the Old Town School of Folk Music to record Simple Gifts. It was a beautiful morning and we remain so thankful for everyone that supported this band this year.

To celebrate the completion of 2015 we are offering our recording of the song Simple Gifts as a free download. We give it to you and hope that you learn to sing the song and then pass it along to others.

Our complete album, It was a Dream, is only available in physical copies. The album contains artwork from a songbook published by Win Stracke and essays from Bob Riesman and Jason McInnes, and a remembrance of Win Stracke by her friend Ella Jenkins. Contact Jason at to receive your copy.

Please listen to our song and share it with those you love. Please sing, dance, take long walks and enjoy your time with loved ones this holiday season. We hope to make some music with you very soon.

The Young Stracke All-Stars